1. Luna doodle that got out of control

    also its ugly

  2. Old people

  3. Some faces I painted 

  4. Lasso Tool peach….

  5. Lasso Tool vivian.

    More paper mario art coming bcuz sm4sh got paper mario music <333

  6. Lasso tool pony nerd.

  7. My two smashers!!!

    Can’t wait to have this game!!!!


  8. Commission for Smash NA code.

    Will make Commission art for NA smash code, Sketch, Color, Full painting, anything

    2 NA codes will give you a Full Painting


  9. A little cute peach I drew ages ago.

  10. Little excercise done for a FB group called Just Doodle It.

    Blue stroke appeared from nowhere i swear

  11. Little doodles done in SAI.

    Drew Lilith for Ri, but I kinda forgot how she looks.


  12. cyrisdarkshine said: #5 Luna, pls?

    This one was a hard one, sorry for all the delay!!!,

  13. Anon really never said who they wanted me to paint so I picked on my own, anon probably wanted fluttershy but too bad.

    If you have a request just hit me in the ask box.


  14. pasteur said: everyone’s favorite character, “color palette”

              That explains everything.


  15. Anonymous said: Color palette n. 98 from the one you reblogged the other day

    Dear Anon, you forgot the character <3