1. Anon really never said who they wanted me to paint so I picked on my own, anon probably wanted fluttershy but too bad.

    If you have a request just hit me in the ask box.


  2. pasteur said: everyone’s favorite character, “color palette”

              That explains everything.


  3. Anonymous said: Color palette n. 98 from the one you reblogged the other day

    Dear Anon, you forgot the character <3

  4. I doodled these while in class last wekk

    I started to render her but fuckit

  5. Small quick paintings I did the other night.

    So much pony a lot of pony

  6. Doodles from last nigth.

    Bunch of girls…. and Marth

  7. For flame´s contest!!

    His ask blog is popular as fuck wtf

    I dont plan to win I just wanted to draw haha

  8. radraws:


    kirby vs final boss

    ah woops.

    Reblog this because its my favorite painting.

  9. More sketches and poni

  10. I couldn’t bring my laptop so sketchbook will do.

  11. cmon guys, hit me.

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  12. Been trying out Corel Painter, its fun and complicated.

  13. send ask if u want ill do mines too

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  14. For yesterdays Sketch Dailies.

  15. Pepper Clark #3 for pasteur, thanks for being so nice, everyone should like pasteur.

    I hope you like it..